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risk这个单词~只有后面加doing~是不能加to do 的... 你指的应该是这个~risk可以做名词和动词 名词的时候~take the risk (of) doing sth 动词的时候~risk doing sth risk doing 表示冒险正在做的事情 risk to do 表示将要冒险做什么


冒险做某事。 risk 英 [ rɪsk ] 美 [ rɪsk ] n. 危险,冒险 保险额 被保险人或物 vt. 冒…的危险 使…冒风险(或面临危险) 变形 复数: risks 过去式: risked 过去分词: risked 现在分词:risking 第三人称单数: risks 例句 1. I'm ...

To put something in a situation in which it could be lost, destroyed, or harmed → gamble: 1.risk something to do something He’s prepared to risk everything to avoid this war. 2.risk something on something You’d be crazy to risk...

take risks doing sth 冒险做某事 take risks 词典 冒险做可能失败的事 网络 冒险; 敢于冒险; 承担风险 The ability to take risks by stepping outside your comfort zone is the primary way by which we grow. 挑出自己的舒适区来...

冒险做某事 希望能帮助你 有不明白请追问 如果满意了请采纳哦

risk doing!固定搭配!

喜欢冒险做一些户外活动。 ~~欢迎追问!


3) We should be prudent when doing business, but you will agree with me...1 describes someone who avoids risks:He's a cautious driver.2 describes ...

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