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give a picture of the view 把景色描绘一下 give a picture of 把…描绘一番; 双语例句 1 These poems give a colourful picture of country life. 这些诗篇构成了一幅农村生活多彩的画图。 2 Yet the report may not give a full or fair pictu...

你应该是想表达这个意思吧:在电视上人们受到暴力袭击之后很快就痊愈了,这让孩子们对伤者所受的折磨痛苦有一种不真实的理解。 如果改的话那个定语就出现了问题了!其实这个句子你可以这样看the rapid recoveries of people give children the inj...

i love you, but i can't give you a picture. 我爱你,但我不能给你一张图片。 望采纳,谢谢

“你能给我一张照片看看吗?” 在真实英语环境里,人们会避免命令式的提要求,而说 Could I have a picture of you, please? 或者 Could you send me a picture of yours, please?

把画给他。 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

选 A 翻译为: 我想要一张你的照片,你会给我一个吗? one指同类中的任意一个,是类指。 I lost my pen,so I’ll go and buy one.我丢了钢笔,我要去另买一支。

though she looked now much o___ than the girl in the picture . She ...give warning (警报) by m ___(9) a lot of noise when an enemy comes...

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